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Babe Watch - Bianca Bommarito Owner of Beauty By Biaaa

Babe Watch - Bianca Bommarito                                     Owner of Beauty By Biaaa

When I was first looking for Brand Ambassadors for The Posh Shop Co, I didn't know what to expect from the applications. I knew I wanted to keep the group small the first learn, to grow, to see what worked and what didn't. I wondered what girls would want to join...would any?! I was ecstatic when the applications started coming in from amazing women looking to support my brand. Honestly, I cried. It's a real thing (I'm an emotional Cancerian, Enneagram Type 2, empath in my feelings). I was so blown away by the talented, smart, sassy, and THRIVING women who signed up. One of those women who became an early Posh Babe Ambassador was our Babe of the Week, Bianca Bommarito.

Bianca owns her own beauty brand, Beauty By Biaaa. Bianca has a ton of big moves on the horizon, but she has already taken some huge steps on her journey of being a beauty mogul. She is a hair artist and colorist and also an Owner of The Beauty Dossiers a salon collective by her and her bestie focused on helping women feel beautiful.

On her @beautybybiaaa Instagram, Bianca not only shares pictures of her amazing work on clients but also occasionally creates videos and tutorials to teach about products, review products, or even share her unique tips for her followers. I love watching her videos because this lady has spunk and isn't afraid to show it. She is very straightforward and humorous but also incredibly informative. I highly suggest checking her out!

I LOVE all my Posh Babe Ambassadors and was so excited by the opportunity to feature one of them (more to come...I promise). I also appreciate the ability to see other women owning it in the business world and looking deeper into their lives. Read below for some fun info about Bianca!

Your Business / Service Name(s) Beauty By Biaaa

What is Your Website? Insta Handle? (Or However Else We Can Find You!) @beautybybiaaa

Why Did You Decide To Start Your Business? I decided to start my own hair studio because I wanted to call the shots. I love everything pertaining to the beauty industry and I have sooo many ideas and realized I am the only one that can make those ideas turn into reality!

Do You Have a Blog, Podcast, or Youtube Channel? Tell Us About It! 😏 they will all be coming 2021! (Note: Bianca completed this in 2020)

What Is The Best Advice You Can Give to A Woman Starting Her Business Venture? My best advice is to get great financial advisors/CPA/accounts. Along with having a clear and direct plan of your entire business. Start as soon as possible, it’s super scary and anxiety-riddled but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

What Is Something Most People Don't Know About You? Most people don’t know that I was a Girl Scout for 11 years! I loved helping younger Girl Scouts and being involved in my community. (The cookies were an added bonus😉🍪)

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like? My typical day starts with pitbull snuggles, lots of coffee, lots of driving (I live 35 minutes away from the salon), lots of podcasts. I get to the salon 1 hour early every day— if I don’t get there early my whole day is thrown off. I see about 5-7 clients a day, which is my favorite part of work because I’ll never have the same day twice! I usually spend 10-12 hours at the salon. I head home and get more snugs from my dogs and my boyfriend.

Who Are Some Women That Inspire You? (Globally and Locally) Globally: Lo Wheeler Davis, Alli Webb, Reese Witherspoon

Locally: my saint of a mother who is a high school teacher

What Was One Huge Business Flop or Problem That You Had to Endure and How Did You Handle That? The biggest problem I’ve endured thus far in my career was having it ripped out underneath me during the pandemic. I’ve never cried more. Me handling it consisted of lots of walks, and yoga, and financial preparedness. It was scary for any business owner and still is. It taught me that things could hit the fan reallll quick and to always have a nice savings for emergencies and then some.

What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of? I am so proud that I finally decided to take a leap of faith and start my own brand. I never thought there would be a right time to do so— I just did it. I walk into the salon every day and smile that I made this happen.

What Do You Do For Self Care? Oh, I get massages on the regular. It’s important to nourish my body and relax considering I’m standing for near 60 hours a week.

What Jobs Did You Work Before You Created Your Business? Tell Us Your Journey. I worked retail since I was 16, I loved clothes and people it was a perfect mix. In beauty school, I had about 3 jobs and never slowed down. I then went to work for De Jolie salon for 6 years and met so many great people! During that time I also worked for lululemon for 2 years. I cannot express how amazing lululemon is as a whole company. It taught me so much about myself and I’m so grateful for that experience.

Give Us Five Fun Facts About You! 1. I have 3 middle names

2. I’m a charcuterie board master

3. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

4. I love reading

5. I’m addicted to Pinterest

What Sign Are You? Are You Into Astrology? I’m a Pisces!! I think I fit the script to a T so yes I am lol my best friend is an Aries and growing up we were very invested in astrology.

Do You Know Your Enneagram? If So, What Is It? I believe my enneagram is a 3 wing 2? It’s been awhile.

What One Word Represents You Most. Boisterous

What is Your Favorite The Posh Shop Co Product? Ok, the hardest question on this whole thing! Haha, my fave product is definitely my Rachel to my Monica keychain! It’s so unique and I get many compliments on it and everyone always knows who’s keys they are 😘

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