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Babe Watch - Jewel (Life Coach Jewel)

Babe Watch - Jewel (Life Coach Jewel)

Have you ever met someone that feels like sunshine? I know it's a weird question and if you don't know what I mean you probably have not experienced it. If you know what I mean, then you understand the magnitude of meeting a person who genuinely and purely makes you feel like you are standing next to the radiant sun and their smile, mannerisms, and the things they say could just warm you to your core. I can say the day I met our Babe of the Week, Jewel, I felt this warmth. I met her at an event called Her Best Fucking Brunch, hosted by my amazingly inspiring business friend, Sarah Ordo (who was also once a featured Babe). I was a vendor and Jewel came up to my booth and was looking at my items. I immediately was drawn in by her warm smile and cheerful demeanor. Later at the event, there was a Q+A portion where she stood up and asked a question. I remember thinking "Wow! This beautiful, sunshine-y person is also confident, well-spoken, and intelligent."

After the event, Jewel started following The Posh Shop Co on Instagram and we followed back. We learned she was a life coach and then our interest grew. What interesting human is this we have stumbled upon?! I know she gets this a lot, but she seemed so young...and I certainly do not mean this in a negative way, instead, I mean...I was left wondering how can someone her age could be so accomplished and knowledgeable. But, let me say in confidence, this girl is superb and definitely one of a kind.

Her approach to coaching is very unique, easily digestible, and less scary that most would imagine when diving into the idea of getting a coach. She focuses on brain-based coaching and helping people to become the best versions of themselves. She helps her clients through coaching sessions as well as by hosting mindset events. You can learn more about her approach to coaching and what she does by looking at her Instagram page. Her Instagram is also great because her stories...she shares herself in the most real way and talks to you like a true friend. Jewel talks with positivity and really is a great source of motivation.

If you are interested in learning about Jewel and her coaching, she does let potential clients schedule free calls with her to see if you would be great fits for each other. And, even if you are not interested in becoming one of her clients, her page is filled with happiness and goodness for good mental health and we are all about that...right, ladies?! Continue reading for some more fun facts about this beautiful soul...

What is Your Website? Insta Handle? (Or However Else We Can Find You!)

Why Did You Decide To Start Your Business?

I spent years of my life wishing I was someone else; someone with a different brain and more worthy abilities. I thought something was wrong with me. I coach now because I never want another person to feel the way I did. I make sure my clients walk away with the ability to manage their minds, so that they can have the emotional resiliency and self-discipline they need for the rest of their lives.

Do You Have a Blog, Podcast, or Youtube Channel? Tell Us About It!

Nope - just posting!

What Is The Best Advice You Can Give to A Woman Starting Her Business Venture?

Manage your mindset to just get started. Hire a coach to help you with your mindset. Worry about the bells and whistles later. Worry about the website, Facebook ads, freebies later.

What Is Something Most People Don't Know About You?

I have ADHD. And I still totally rock my business.

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

I start my morning with some veggies and fruits and then have a couple of coaching clients. I might have my own coaching session or work on a post or a project. Then I have lunch and coach more clients! I spend my days doing what I love.

Who Are Some Women That Inspire You? (Globally and Locally)

Stacey Boehman- Business Coach

Brene Brown

My clients <3

What Was One Huge Business Flop or Problem That You Had to Endure and How Did You Handle That?

I networked with an older, local, male coach. He gave me a ton of unsolicited advice, he said I was doing a ton of things wrong, he said I was too young. I was afraid he was right. I coached myself on this and realized that my clients don't care how old I am- they care that I can help them change their lives. I managed my mind around this until I no longer believed it at all.

What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?

Helping over 35 people and making over 50k in my first year of business!

What Do You Do For Self Care?

I write down my thoughts and read before bed! I also don't drink caffeine and make sure I have daily veggies and fruits.

What Jobs Did You Work Before You Created Your Business? Tell Us Your Journey.

I was a Direct Care Worker, and Resident Assistant and Research Assistant for Oakland University.

Give Us Some Fun Facts About You!

1. I LOVE my cat.

2. I grew up right outside of Flint, Michigan.

3. I like to rollerskate.

4. I love documentaries.

5. I love to coach people on relationships and friendships.

What Sign Are You? Are You Into Astrology?


What One Word Represents You Most.


What is Your Favorite The Posh Shop Co Product?

The fun keychains and buttons

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