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Babe Watch - Katie Connelly - Owner of Paw Printed With Love

Babe Watch - Katie Connelly  - Owner of Paw Printed With Love

As a small business owner, you meet a lot of people on your business shows, at events, on social media, through regular purchases. When people stand out, it is often for good reason. Katie Connelly, our Babe of the Week, was one of those people who stood out. Katie is someone who would show up to events run by local female business owners, she would be in event photos, she would follow local businesses online. But the thing that really made her stand out? She embodies the ideal of ladies supporting ladies. She not only follows local business owners, but she is also a full-out cheerleader for them. Katie makes purchases from small businesses, likes their posts, shares their Instagram stories, enters their giveaways, attends their events...she is the epitome of supportive.

While I knew Katie to be the girl out there supporting, well, everyone, I was so excited to see that she was working on starting her own business as well. Paw Printed with Love is Katie's side hustle. She also works full-time in the health care industry. With Paw Printed with Love, Katie makes handmade greeting cards that are perfect for gifting. She takes a lot of pride in creating her items from hand and her cards truly stand out from the greeting cards in most stores. Currently, she is featuring her cards on her Instagram for her business but she is working on creating her website soon which is going to be such a game-changer for her!

When I asked Katie to be a part of my Babe Watch, I knew on the surface that I was featuring a woman who was smart, funny, and hella supportive. I also was starting to know her talents from her business page. But I did not know how truly amazing she is. Katie is so kind and genuine that reading her questionnaire made me just like her more than I did already.

Read on to learn more about how Katie overcame a traumatic event and came out even stronger than ever and how she named her business for her love of a rescue named Snoop. And please support Katie as she grows her business by following her on Instagram @pawprintedwithlove.

What is Your Website? Insta Handle? (Or However Else We Can Find You!) You can find me on Instagram @pawprintedwithlove One of my goals is to have a website up and running in the next few months here

Why Did You Decide To Start Your Business? For years, I’m talking ever since I was a young girl, I have always loved making homemade cards, and as I got a little older, people kept telling me I should sell them. I made every excuse in the book as to why I shouldn’t sell them and why it wouldn’t work out. Finally, after going to one of Sarah Ordo’s “Her Best F***ing Brunch” events towards the end of 2019, I decided the excuses were all just made-up stories in my head that really meant nothing at all (thank you, Sarah!). Seeing how happy it makes myself and others in my life, I decided f*** the excuses, it was time I wanted to be able to spread that joy to other people for them to share it with their loved ones. I always wrote, “made with love” on the backs of my cards, and our rescue dog, Snoop, is very near and dear to my heart, so I thought, why not “Paw Printed With Love”.

Do You Have a Blog, Podcast, or Youtube Channel? Tell Us About It! I don’t have any of these at the moment, but I think it would be fun to start a blog one day.

What Is The Best Advice You Can Give to A Woman Starting Her Business Venture? You don’t have to have every single thing figured out right from the beginning in order to get started. Take the messy action, regardless of how scary or uncomfortable it may seem, keep on moving forward and the rest will follow. I always thought I had to have this grand plan of how every aspect of this would work before I could do anything at all. But Amber Yaklin, who I met at the brunch event, gave me some great advice when I felt so lost about it all. She said to just start posting my cards and put it out there into the world. It was so simple, yet so powerful to have some form of direction. I have kept moving forward ever since, and have been figuring it out as I go.

What Is Something Most People Don't Know About You? I danced at a non-competitive dance studio for 9 years with one of my very best friends, from 4th grade to senior year of high school. I mainly did jazz and hip hop, but my last year I went all out and added in ballet & modern too. I miss dancing so much! Let’s be real though, if there’s a good music playlist going, you can usually find me singing and dancing along to it(in most situations lol).

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like? I love waking up with a slow cup of coffee, writing in my journal, reflecting on gratitudes, and reading a few chapters of a book. I work a 40-hour a week office job, so holding true to my morning routine feels extra good on those days. On work nights, coming home and unwinding with a workout is everything. I also like to tap into my creativity and work on card orders or play with new design ideas. On the weekends I enjoy spending time with my man/friends/family, going to local events when possible, getting in some self-care, and working on cards. Of course, can’t forget about spending time with our girl Snoop in-between everything else.❤️

Who Are Some Women That Inspire You? (Globally and Locally) -Glennon Doyle

-Marie Forleo

-Jennifer Lopez

-Cara Alwill

-Katrina Scott, Karena Dawn, and the rest of the TIU team from Tone It Up fitness

**And literally SO many local female entrepreneurs it’s ridiculous hahaha there’s just so many badass women in our community here in metro Detroit: -Brandi Bowman, Lauren Palecki, Lauryn Laszczak, Randee Garrett, Sarah Ordo, Staci Hissong, and YOU, Jackie!

I could go on and on honestly, but these ladies have been the most inspiring to me in recent years.

What Was One Huge Business Flop or Problem That You Had to Endure and How Did You Handle That? The place I get all of my blank cards from stopped making/selling them- in all sizes, colors, and styles. They were a heavier weight and better quality than anything else I’d ever found. I was so bummed. I have been able to find some decent quality since, but I make sure to add some extra cardstock to the back of the card to make it more heavy-duty.

What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of? Rebuilding myself and my life after a really serious car accident on 12/12/12 (Angel numbers, say whatttt!?). I relearned how to walk and move my body in different ways, how to reactivate my long and short-term memory, how to do normal everyday things in a safe manner, how to get back out on the road & drive, and simply how to be. I felt like I was starting all over again, but was so determined and optimistic to do the work daily and get myself back to regular life, or at least the closest thing to it. I did the damn thing, and at a quicker recovery rate than anyone expected.

What Do You Do For Self Care? Work on my fitness, meditate, get out in nature, treat myself to a manicure or a blowout at my fave local spot Teased and Polished, get a facial at the Brōwe Skin and Brow Bar, get lost in a book, and taking moments here and there to simply relax & be away from my phone/social media.

What Jobs Did You Work Before You Created Your Business? Tell Us Your Journey. I’ve been working for a local healthcare system for almost 11 years and have moved around to different departments doing different jobs through the years. I started off in Nutrition Services as a Tray Service Attendant and today am working in the front office of a pediatric rehab clinic. One of my favorite jobs was being a Dietitian Assistant and getting to know & help patients/their families.

Give Us Five Fun Facts About You! 1. If ya couldn’t tell already, I love dogs so much! Personally, I am all about adopt, don’t shop..but no judgment as long as you are providing a good home for your fur baby to live his/her best life.

2. I loveee everything 90s, especially the music. I’m constantly listening & singing along to 90s throwbacks and still know most of the words.

3. Food is one of my love languages, a great meal with even better company is a whole vibe. I’m also one of those people who has to look at the menu before going out to a restaurant and likes to plan/think about what I will be having until we go out.

4. I’ve seen Rihanna in concert 3 times, and the second time seeing her, one of my best friends and I won tickets to her show from calling in to a local radio station. Shoutout to channel 95.5 and being caller 95, hollla. 🙆‍♀️

5. I have been with my man, the love of my life, for over 10 years and it’s been the most incredible years of my life. We bought our first home together 4 years into our relationship & have been in it ever since with Snoop.

What Sign Are You? Are You Into Astrology? Scorpio Sun and Scorpio Moon with Virgo rising. I love astrology and would like to dive even deeper into it.

Do You Know Your Enneagram? If So, What Is It? Oh yes, enneagram number 9-the peacemaker! It’s wild how spot on a majority of it is.

What One Word Represents You Most. Kindhearted

What is Your Favorite The Posh Shop Co Product? The t-shirts and keychains (couldn’t pick just one hahaha), so cute!

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