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Babe Watch - Ashley Buckner

Babe Watch - Ashley Buckner

In a tale we have heard time and time again, I met this babe in a business group that we were both a part of. Ashley and I started talking through the group and I immediately made a connection with her...she felt almost like a little business sister. It was refreshing to meet someone with so much ambition and drive and excitement. After the initial draw, we started talking more on a deeper level and realize that we both had suffered the loss of a sibling. Though our stories were quite different, I cannot explain the kinship that people who lost siblings share with one another...mainly because it is a topic that is not discussed enough. Regardless, when I heard her story and gained a deeper understanding, I decided Ashley was amazing and someone I needed to keep in my life.

In the time since I met Ashley, she has gone from owning a business where she sewed handmade children's clothing called Hello Ash & Ivy to owning a new curated clothing company called Samantha Alexis Boutique, writing a blog called Everyday Ashley Nicole, and co-hosting a podcast called Boss and Boujee with her Biz BFF. Ashley is in her 20s and she is literally doing ALL OF THE THINGS. Impressive? I think so!

Ashley started her new business Samantha Alexis Boutique in 2020. She and her mom partnered up to bring fashion of two different generations to their audience. I love their concept and I love the cute clothes they curate for their collections. It is so nice to see two strong women, both in different age brackets, both with different likes, different body types, etc within one company and representing such a wide audience of women. What's even more touching? The business was named after their daughter/sister that passed away (see above photo of their family) as a means to keep her memory alive. It is honestly the most beautiful representation of remembering someone in a positive way and it really touches my heart.

Ashley also runs her blog, Everyday Ashley Nicole. She talks about Business, Home, Life, and Travel. It really is a great blog because nearly every girl can related to the topics she discusses. She shares a lot of her everyday life as a 20-something girl, working a job, starting a business, co-hosting a podcast, being a wife since a young age, all of the things.

Then, as if Ashley was not possibly busy enough, she, along with her Biz BFF Kara, decided to just recently start a podcast called Boss and Boujee. It is honestly just a fun listen of two smart and adorable humans having fun, sharing their truths, and just being themselves. They do cover topics in each episode that are about business and life, but I honestly love the podcast mostly because it feels like you are sitting in a room talking to your is light, fun, and full of giggles.

Want to hear more about Ashley, the self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur? Read on!

Your Business / Service Name(s):

Samantha Alexis Boutique (clothing boutique)

Everyday Ashley Nicole (Blog)

Boss & Boujee (Podcast)

What is Your Website? Insta Handle? (Or However Else We Can Find You!)

@bossandboujeepodcast (Google and Apple Podcast, Spotify)

Why Did You Decide To Start Your Business?

I originally started my first business when I was in college as an attempt to make some extra money to pay for all the fun things that my financial aid wouldn't cover, it then became more of a way to avoid doing homework.

Looking at the businesses I currently run, the reasoning is a lot different! My mom and I had always wanted to start a boutique together, so now seemed like as good of a time as any! It's named after my sister who was killed in a car accident last year, so it really holds a special spot in my heart. As for my blog, I love to write and it's one of those things that comes so naturally for me. During COVID, I felt this crazy spark of inspiration, so I set it up and started writing. And finally the Podcast! I'm a co-host with my biz bestie, Kara and we both had mentioned that we thought it would be really fund to start a podcast, and thus Boss and Boujee was started!

The ultimate goal and reason behind starting these three businesses is to make enough money that some day I don't have to work a typical 9-5 job and can just stay home doing what I enjoy; working for myself.

Do You Have a Blog, Podcast, or Youtube Channel? Tell Us About It!

YES! The podcast I co-host is called Boss & Boujee, you can find us @bossandboujeepodcast. We are a fun, light-hearted podcast that tells it like it is. We talk about all things business (specifically being in business with our moms), the ins, outs & struggles that come along with it. You can also find us talking about our everyday life, how we handle the difficult things and being in our 20s. It's also filled with tangents, so come join us in the podcasting closet! I also have a blog!

You can read more at The whole purpose of starting my blog was for an outlet that I could just be honest and candid. There are so many things that I've gone through and dealt with that no one ever talks about and I find that a lot of people can relate. I'm that no bullshit friend you never knew you needed.

What Is The Best Advice You Can Give to A Woman Starting Her Business Venture?

There will literally never be a perfect time to start, you'll never know everything you need to, and you'll never fully feel ready. You just have to start somewhere. I've learned so much over the last 7 or 8 years since I started my first business. And honestly, failure has taught me more than success ever did. Just give it your best shot girlfriend, find a tribe of loyal biz babes to cheer you on and just do the damn thing!

What Is Something Most People Don't Know About You?

I have a bachelors of social work from Ferris State University that I likely will never, ever use.

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

I currently still work a 9-5, so much of my day is spent at work as a Fulfillment Supervisor. When it's finally quitting time I hurry home because I have so much to do!

Between 4:30pm and 6:30, I usually make dinner, hang with the hubs, my pupper and clean up the house. After 6:30, is when the magic happens and the real work begins! Some nights are spent recording podcasts with my biz bestie, other nights are spent unpacking new boutique inventory, pricing clothing, updating the website or ordering, other nights are spent blogging at the coffee shop or from my office in front of Sex and the City. Basically, I never stop. There are very few nights that I'm not working on something business related, but I wouldn't trade it for anything

Who Are Some Women That Inspire You? (Globally and Locally)

This is hard. I feel like there are so many people that inspire me, all for different reasons, but there isn't just one person I can put my finger on.

It sounds crazy, but I love Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. I admire her ambition, her style, her willingness to do what it takes to make a name for herself.

What Was One Huge Business Flop or Problem That You Had to Endure and How Did You Handle That?

Difficult customers. I always knew this would be a thing, but it's harder when you're the one in charge for some reason. I think because you that in order to keep the customer happy, you likely will have to do something that either eats into your profit or makes you unhappy as a business owner. This is something I'm still learning how to handle with grace.

What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?

I'm most proud of the fact that I've created and ran more than one business in my early 20s and that I've figured out this is what I want to do with my life. It takes some people forever to figure this out. I love seeing the reaction on people's faces when they ask how old I am when I gush over my businesses.

What Do You Do For Self Care?

There is nothing better than a nice glass of wine and some Bravo or Sex and the City! I also really love house projects, they keep me sane. I'm not your typical "take a bath, read a book" kind of person.

What Jobs Did You Work Before You Created Your Business? Tell Us Your Journey.

I've held so many different jobs before realizing this is really what I want to do. I answered phones at a doctors office for about 8 months, I was a food pantry coordinator for a while, I went back to working in the medical field and worked registration at the hospital in 8 different departments (I did really enjoy this, but it just wasn't very stimulating and after losing my sister it was hard to go back), I currently work as a Fulfillment Supervisor. I think the job I'm at currently will be the job I hold until I can go full time with what I ACTUALLY want to do.

Give Us Some Fun Facts About You!

1. I'm the biggest city girl you'll ever meet, but I will NEVER pass up fishing all day long!

2. I love to prove people wrong (in the nicest way possible). You tell me I can't do something? I'll show you I can do it and do it better than you think. I've built a wood patio chair, demo-ed my bathroom, etc. etc.

3. I used to be SO shy. Like anxiety through the roof, keep to myself, don't talk to anyone kind of shy. Not anymore!

What Sign Are You? Are You Into Astrology?

I haven't really been into astrology all that much, but I feel like because it's getting so popular this year, I've really started to pay attention to it. I'm a Libra and I feel like it really fits me.

Do You Know Your Enneagram? If So, What Is It?

Just like Astrology, I wasn't really into this either until this year. Actually, our first podcast episode is about Zodiac signs and Enneagrams! I'm an Enneagram 3 and it's like spot on.

What One Word Represents You Most.


What is Your Favorite The Posh Shop Co Product?

Omg this is so hard to decide. I love the two mugs I have, one with our podcast AND MY FACE on it and the "You're doing great sweetie" mug! But I'm also obsessed with my brand ambassador keychain and the birthday candle I bought my bestie.

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