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Babe Watch - UnSalted Mermaid

Babe Watch - UnSalted Mermaid

At The Posh Shop Co, we are devoted to the ideals of Babes Supporting Babes. We thought what better way to share our love for empowering women than to put those women in the spotlight. Enter: Babe Watch! Babe Watch is our new weekly installment of ladies who are doing the damn thing...standing out, making businesses, helping people...just being all around amazing women.

We are starting out this series on such a fun note...At The Posh Shop Co, we recently had a vision for a collection of Mother's Day Mugs. We kept working on the art for the mugs but nothing was turning out just as we had planned. After many attempts, I had the mantra of business mentors of the past in my head - outsourcing is not a weakness, it is resourceful - so I thought about the current women's business mentorship group I am in and who could help make my visions a reality and it jumped out at me: UnSalted Mermaid! I knew she did these cool modern drawings with awesome color tones and her style aligned so much with The Posh Shop Co brand as well. I reached out to find out that outsourcing her drawings was something she was actually in the midst of thinking about offering. See how that works, y'all...I needed help, I asked a talented person who was capable and in the end can now help her launch an amazing new service to the win, I'd say!

Want to learn more about Jessica Sparrow, Owner and Artist at UnSalted Mermaid? Read on!

- Where Can We Find Your Business Online? or @un_saltedmermaid

- Why Did You Decide To Start Your Business?

I love to make things that make people happy!

- What Is The Best Advice You Can Give To A Woman Starting Her Business Venture?

Research and plan

- What Is Something Most People Don't Know About You?

I have panic attacks.

- What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

I love to start the day off with coffee and some quiet time to get the brain functioning. If possible, I try to complete all of my must do’s in the morning so I can spend the afternoons with my daughter.

- Who Are Some Women That Inspire You?

Stacy Mikulik @graceandhudson jewelry. She has an amazing story about working hard to become attorney, then finding out it wasn’t for her and now she’s making amazing jewelry in beautiful Charleston, SC.

- What Was One Huge Business Flop or Problem That You Had to Endure and How Did You Handle That?

I let a t-shirt company convince me I needed to order $3000+ on my very first order with no plan on how to sell shirts! Luckily, some local stores sold a lot of them but I still have a few 5 years later!

- What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?

I was deathly afraid of having children and when I had Lilly I realized she is most definitely my greatest accomplishment!

- What Do You Do For Self Care?

Collegian in my coffee, exercise and good facial creams

- What Jobs Did You Work Before You Created Your Business? Tell Us Your Journey.

I’ve been a realtor, a server and I sold wireless services for a major telecommunications company.

- Give Us Five Fun Facts About You!

1. I lived on a little island in the Caribbean

2. I’m an only child

3. People assume I’m good at sports because I’m tall but in reality I have no coordination!

4. I’m from Kentucky

5. I’m turning 40 this year!

- What Sign Are You? Are You Into Astrology?

Capricorn and I know nothing about it!

- Do You Know Your Enneagram? If So, What Is It?

I have no idea!

- What One Word Represents You Most.


- What is Your Favorite The Posh Shop Co Product?

Key chains and pencils


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